Weizheng Lu 鲁蔚征

Research Engineer @ High-Performance Computing Center, Renmin University of China


Hi there! 😃

My name is Weizheng Lu (鲁蔚征 in Chinese).

I am a research engineer at the High-Performance Computing Center, Renmin University of China. I am focusing on computing techniques at the intersection of AI x Social Science. I’m broadly interested in Machine Learning Systems, Big Data, Data Management, and Data Science Workflows.

I corporate with Huawei and other tech companies. We study the frontiers of machine learning systems. For example, I benchmark neural network units (NPUs) and other neural network accelerators.

I am also a technical writer. I have wroten articles and tutorials on various topics including Flink, GPU, and Deep Learning. I put these articles on my Chinese website: lulaoshi.info. Some of these articles have been published as books.

Previously, I was a big data engineer at Xiaomi. I was a staff member of the recommendation system of the Xiaomi Browser. I also worked at Zhipin, the largest online recruitment platform in China.

I received my master’s degree at Peking University and my bachelor’s degree at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

selected publications

  1. Evaluation and Optimization for Huawei Ascend Neural Network Accelerator / 华为昇腾神经网络加速器性能评测与优化
    Weizheng LuFeng Zhang, Yinxuan He, and 3 more authors
    计算机学报 / Chinese Journal of Computers, 2022